Having access to quality healthcare is important for all citizens. The Fort Smith region is home to a wealth of medical centers, independent clinics, specialists, and other entities, which help provide top-of-the-line care to area residents. The region is supported by several hospitals including its two largest centers, Mercy and Baptist Health. Both of the award-winning systems have outlying clinics and treatment centers in surrounding communities and strive to provide the most advanced levels of patient care. Other cities have hospitals within their limits including Van Buren, which is home to a Baptist Health, Booneville’s Mercy Hospital, Sequoyah Memorial Center in Sallisaw, and Poteau’s Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center.

The region is also well-known for its vast options in regards to senior care. Fort Smith and the surrounding cities operate numerous sites which offer everything from assisted living to 24-7 on-site care for clients. Many facilities offer specialized care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other difficult diseases, providing support services for both the client and their families.

One of the most exciting medical developments in the Fort Smith Region is the establishment of the new Arkansas College for Osteopathic Medicine (ARCOM). ARCOM’s mission “is to educate and train compassionate osteopathic physicians, skilled in the science of patient-centered osteopathic medical care, dedicated to the ethical and social principles of osteopathic profession, committed to lifelong learning, and focused on service to the underserved.” Located at Chaffee Crossing, ARCOM is under the umbrella of the Arkansas College of Health Education, and will help to provide the region, state, and nation with well-qualified physicians skilled in the latest osteopathic practices, in the coming years.

Baptist Health
Sequoyah Memorial Center
Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center
Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine