The Fort Smith Regional Alliance (FSRA)

is a collaborative organization of Arkansas and Oklahoma communities supporting one another in economic development.

Comprised of cities and towns within a 50-mile radius of Fort Smith, FSRA has members in eight counties. They include:



Crawford County

Franklin County

Johnson County

Logan County

Sebastian County

Scott County


LeFlore County

Sequoyah County

Our Mission

The Fort Smith Regional Alliance exists to better position our region to compete nationally and globally in economic development. The Fort Smith Regional Alliance unites all regional resources to better our regional product.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the FSRA work together to highlight all that the Fort Smith Region has to offer and provide potential employers with the tools and information they need to learn more about the area. As a member of FSRA, participants benefit from having ties to local, regional, and state legislators, as well as the opportunity to interact with industry leaders throughout the state. Working as a cohesive body also allows members to plan for growth from a broader, regional perspective and strengthens promotion efforts of new initiatives or industries for the entire area.

At its core, FSRA promotes progress for the region. Companies are often drawn to areas that demonstrate regional cooperative efforts. There is also an undeniable “power in numbers.” Businesses go where they can have a major market impact and yield higher returns on their investments. By speaking in terms of regional population and resources available, the Fort Smith Regional Alliance helps position participating communities for potentially lucrative business opportunities from companies around the globe. For more information, call 479-783-3111.