FSRA Partner: Lavaca

Located in Sebastian County, the town of Lavaca is a popular suburb of Fort Smith. The town is bordered to the north by the Arkansas River and to the south by Fort Chaffee. Its convenient location has contributed to its thriving school district and church community, with congregations comprised of members from throughout the region.

Sebastian County
Population: 2,200+
Cost of Living Index: 82.9

Borders the Arkansas River to the north and Fort Chaffee to the south
Interstate 49 (11 miles)
Interstate 540 (18 miles)
Fort Smith Airport (12 miles)

Lavaca Public Schools

Utility Providers
OG&E (Oklahoma Gas & Electric)
AOG (Arkansas Oklahoma Gas)
City of Lavaca Water
Pinnacle Communications
Cox Communications
Altes Sanitation

Major Employers
Lavaca Public Schools
Wire Products, Inc.
Casey’s General Store
Steffey’s Pizza
CV’s Family Foods

Home of the Golden Arrows, the town of Lavaca is a town filled with interesting artifacts and a unique history.  Upon arrival, visitors can see the “Largest Beer Can Silo.” The town also houses the Military Road Museum of Lavaca and one of the paths of the Five Civilized Tribes in the Trail of Tears from the 1930s. Lavaca is also known for its namesake fruit, the Lavacaberry. The hybrid berry variety was developed and planted in Lavaca in the 1940s. At its peak, production and harvest of the fruit helped reinvigorate the local economy, following the Great Depression. A few crops of the unique berry can still be found around town today.

City of Lavaca
Military Road Museum of Lavaca