The Fort Smith Regional Alliance is proud to unveil its new logo! The new blue and green chain-link image reflects the collaborative efforts of the organization’s participating counties and their joint commitment to supporting one another in economic development for the region.

Founded a decade ago, the Fort Smith Regional Alliance exists to better position the region to compete nationally and globally in economic development. The Fort Smith Regional Alliance unites all area resources to better its regional product. These include collaboration with chambers of commerce, municipalities, counties, state agencies, legislators (federal, state, and local), higher education institutions, economic development professionals, WAPDD (Western Arkansas Planning and Development District), Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority, and the I-49 Coalition, among others.

Comprised of cities and towns within a 50-mile radius of Fort Smith, FSRA has members in eight counties. Participating counties include Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Sebastian, and Scott in Arkansas, as well as LeFlore and Sequoyah in Oklahoma.

FSRA’s logo redesign is part of the organization’s ten-year anniversary promotion. “We felt it was time for a fresh new image for FSRA and the new logo helps us accomplish that,” said FSRA Chair Drake Smith. In addition to its new logo, the organization is also overhauling its existing website. The updated site will include videos highlighting specific industries, attractions, and the overall strengths of the region. FSRA’s website will continue to provide site selection links, relevant regional news, and important community data. New video footage will also be promoted on FSRA’s social media.